Get paid in crypto

Our payment services cater to businesses of all sizes, allowing you to accept crypto via payment links, embedded pages, or our API
Get paid in BTC
Automate payments
Payout in USDT
Accept USDC
Never touch crypto
Never touch fiat
Settle in ETH
Process in stablecoins
For your online shop

Create a payment invoice to receive a specific amount of currency, like EUR, for your goods and services

Your customers get a fixed exchange rate and a one-time-use payment address, showing the exact amount of crypto required for payment

Push payments

For customer top-ups where the amount paid is less crucial

Payment channels are unique payment addresses for each end-user. Your customers can push deposits to you without the need to navigate through multiple cashier pages

Rapid payouts

Settle to your clients in T + 2 minutes. Pay your customers and suppliers faster than ever before

Make payouts in crypto and stablecoins globally - from any balance held in your business wallet

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